ACEIS delivers the most cost effective world class solutions available in the market.

We understand 5G is an enabler for the digital economy, but we are also aware that 5G presents severe security challenges and economic challenges that we at ACEIS are in a unique position to solve.

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We specialize in various aspect of the aerospace industry bringing together...

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Our team specializes in the sale or lease of regional aircraft–particularly...


Electric Vehicles (EV)

As the electric vehicle manufacturing market kicks into full gear, its market...


Electric Helicopter (EV)

We are not only scientists and engineers, we are also aviators.

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Next Gen Aircraft

ACEIS with their US based partner is now producing legacy military aircraft while...


Components Manufacturing

At ACEIS we understand critical components production and the importance...


Data Centers

ACEIS, brings world class data center solutions to ASEAN, working with...

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Supply Logistics Freight Forwarding

At ACEIS we understand specialized complex operations and logistics are designed...


SAR Constellation (Synthetic Aperture Radar)

ACEIS’ Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provide persistent, 24/7, all-weather...