Smart Lamp

ACEIS's vision is to make cities more efficient, technologically advanced and socially inclusive.

With a strong focus on social and economic innovation, the ACEIS business unit in Thailand is set to deliver the world’s first 5G resilient platform. ACEIS’s state-of-the-art digital infrastructure leverages one-of-a-kind digital technology that renders any unwanted intrusions useless.

Smart Lamp


The Intelli-Station reduces energy consumation while increasing and enhancing city wide lighting.

Incorporating unified sensors, the Intelli-Station links air quality, gunshot sensors and virtually any lot-ready device through our integrated control module. The station is ready to tackle all smart city challenges ranging from environmental to solution specific applications.

  • Substitute existing street lamps with a smart one Smart Mesh Network with zero downtime
  • Complete with 2G, 5G, LTE ans loT connectivity
  • Wirelessly – interconnect – limitless devices city-ownd loT hardwre across fiber or Ethernet connectivity.

We understand 5G is an enabler for the digital economy,
but we are also aware that 5G presents severe security challenges and economic challenges that we at ACEIS are in a unique position to solve.